10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Help You Stay on Track (Anytime, Not Just This New Year’s)

10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Help You Stay on Track (Anytime, Not Just This New Year’s)

First, let me say, “Happy New Year!”

Wow, New Year is here already! It’s hard to believe another year has passed by. Or should I say, flown by? Anyway, if you’re anything like me, it’s time for a fresh start at hitting big goals. “Big” being relative to you. And if you’re not one to set big one or any goals for that matter, I want to challenge you to set even just one that stretches you beyond your norm.

I know what you’re thinking…maybe last year turned into much of the same old. The same old intentions, same old routines and then bam! Same old ruts, roadblocks and resolutions out the window within the first month or two. Don’t worry! I know you’re here for a reason…

I’m betting you’re like a lot of our Lady Leaders.

You are…

And working to improve yourself every day.

Okay, let’s be honest, maybe not every day. We all hit the struggle boat at different points, but…


There’s nothing wrong with slipping or stumbling here and there. In fact, I’m here to tell you it’s all a part of your beautiful little process. Some people learn to overcome them quickly, some take longer. We’re not here to compare. We’re here to become aware.

I’m aware enough to tell you…even when we’re on our game, we can get busy or distracted real quick with work, kids, or life in general. If this happens, it’s best to first become aware of our tendencies and triggers. Then it’s important to shake it off (in my Taylor Swift voice) and get back on track. That’s why I’ve included 10 tips to help you stay on track. Or if you do have one of those days (or weeks) where things get “thrown off”, you can get right back on.

Are you ready, pretty lady? Let’s rock this!

10 Tips to Help You Stay on Track

Schedule your week. My husband has a process we use when we plan each week’s business activities. He calls it “Sunday Night Strategy”. It doesn’t necessarily have to be done on Sunday, but I’ve since begun using it to plan all my weekly activities. The key here is to get things on your calendar.

Dedicating time to sit down and consider all of what’s happening during the upcoming week can help remove a lot of those potential slips and stumbles we previously spoke of. Use this time to schedule your workouts, walk breaks at work, meal planning, self care days, etc.

Everyone is different, so prioritize what matters most and what will help you stay on track. Worst case scenario, do a quick review of tomorrow’s schedule in the evening the night before to make lifestyle habits a priority.

Find (or create) your workout group. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen that our Lady Leader Community is super supportive. One of the ways we support each other is a weekend workout group. Working out in a group brings motivation for some, fun for others, and accountability for all. Your group can be in the morning, a lunch group, or an after work group (instead of happy hour!).

When there isn’t a planned workout many ladies simply reach out to each other to be accountability buddies and workout partners at other times too! Community is so energizing and empowering! Don’t just take my word for it, I encourage you to set a time and invite your friends, co-workers, or other motivated moms to your workout group.

Grocery shop for quality & variety. The power principle of building a healthy lifestyle is to eat to nourish the body. This means eating the highest quality foods you can such as grass fed meats and wild caught fish, healthy fats, and organic veggies and fruits.

A lot of professionals go heavy on supplements, however I’d recommend you spend the extra money on higher quality foods first. Don’t get me wrong, we use supplements strategically, however using supplements alone will never have the great nutrient profile good food does.

Speaking of nutrients…that’s why it’s also important to shop for a variety of nutrients. The simple way of doing that is by selecting a bunch of different colors of veggies and fruits. Your plate should look like nature…colorful.

Track your data. Tracking is simply creating an awareness of what your body needs and when to make adjustments. One of my favorite ways to track with my clients is by taking progress pictures. Sometimes the scale doesn’t move or we can’t really tell if we’re feeling different, but with pictures you can see the changes. Explore tracking your workouts, your energy/fatigue, your measurements, your level of stress, your macronutrients, your clothes size or the number of steps you take.

I’m not saying track it all, however it’s important to track a few things so that you can see that you’re making progress. And if you’re not, you’ll know you need to make tweaks, learn more about how to get the results you want, or to get some support. Everyone is different, it’s up to you to trial and error to identify what you need, what keeps you motivated, accountable and consistent. You won’t know, if you don’t know the data.

Bring healthy snacks. I recommend having plenty of healthy snacks readily available. I’m a big fan of raw veggies, hard boiled eggs and tuna packs. Other quick and easy snacks or meal replacements are nuts and seeds, fresh fruits, beef jerky, and protein powder or bars. These are perfect for when the day gets thrown off track because of traffic or other delays.

Try a new fitness class. If you belong to a gym and do the same class or classes over and over, try something different. I belong to Lifetime Fitness and I love the variety of classes and other activities offered so I can always mix it up.

If you don’t belong to a gym, I encourage you to challenge yourself and get a gym membership or join a Yoga, CrossFit, or other specialist studio or boutique; even if it’s only for 30 days to change things up.

Add new exercises. Not ready for the big switch to getting a gym membership or taking a new class, then check out my video library on YouTube and pick out a couple new exercises to add to your at-home workouts. You can also follow me on Instagram to see what exercises the Lady Leaders and I are utilizing right now.

Have a backup plan ready. We all know things can easily get thrown off track at work, with the kids or any of the many different things that seem to come up when you’re trying to stick to your plans. All I’m saying is to consider some alternatives for when you may have to miss a workout, miss breakfast, have to work through lunch, or your kids throw a wrench in it all. If you don’t think about a “safety net” for different scenarios, you won’t have a net and you’ll fall with nothing to catch you.

Know your Local…meal prep services or healthier fast food options. I’m not a food prep queen like a lot of coaches and trainers. In fact, I’m not a fan of cooking at all. So when I go grocery shopping, I get a lot of healthy foods I can conveniently snack on wherever I am. However, when I’m out of healthy snacks or I spaced on bringing them, I know exactly where I can find healthy options around the city.

Get outside!!! I know it’s cold and dreary in the winter, but stay with me here. First, getting outside is great for you in soooo many ways (I’ll have to save the details for another post). Second, winter sports are fun! Things like ice skating, cross country or downhill skiing, snow-shoeing or simply walking through nature can all be extremely enjoyable for the family, as a couple, with friends or by yourself. Lastly, the cold temperatures alone rev up your metabolism; burning extra calories to stay warm!

These are simple tips, but I know they can be hard. Yes, it’s going to take some effort. Yes, it’s going to take some planning. Yes, it’s going to take consistency. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or that you can’t reach and even surpass your goal. You can have the hips, butt, and waistline you want. You can look, feel, and live the way you’ve always dreamed. You can have a fit & healthy lifestyle that lasts.