For a long time, I believed the only way to be healthy and fit was with strict diets and extreme training.  The anxiety, guilt, and depression were bleeding into every aspect of my already stressful daily life.

It would pick apart every “flaw”, binge my face off and hide away for days. I had an eating disorder and needed a wake up call. I thought to myself…

How can I overcome being self conscious and emotional eating without being extreme and mind-effing myself? Is there a healthy way to lose unwanted weight?

After placing 8th in a National Level Figure Competition, I was still fighting confidence issues, being extreme and was very disappointed in myself.  I knew I veered off the healthy goals I vowed to commit to.

Never again.

This was the initial seed for what is now the Lady Leader Lifestyle.

Jacqueline Sobotka Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Lady Leader Lifestyle is a system for understanding, enjoying, and leading a healthy lifestyle without the extremes.  More than just numbers on a scale & counting calories, we believe Lady Leader Lifestyle is much more…

  • LLL is a Functional Medicine approach to women’s health, fitness & fat loss
  • LLL is a philosophy for building a long term, consistently healthy relationship with diet & exercise.
  • LLL is an attitude of manageable & maintainable confidence.
  • LLL is a community where women have permission to become their best self without holding back.

Join the thousands of driven professional women, motivated moms, & other lady leaders who are done sacrificing their health & fitness for everything else. Break the cycle of frustration, overwhelm, & inconsistency and embrace a healthy lifestyle that makes you truly free to live and fit to lead. #LadyLeaderLifestyle

What is Team JAQ’ed?  You may be surprised by this, but about 20% of our clients are male.  Team JAQ’ed a brand created for male clients and competitors.  Although, men and women are very different in terms of their wants and needs, the goal is still creating a lifestyle that lasts regardless of your sex or circumstances.

  • JAQ’ed is mental as much as it is physical; transforming your attitude as much as your aesthetics.
  • JAQ’ed is leading with humility in an industry and sport of hubris.
  • JAQ’ed is as compassionate as it is competitive.

Join JAQ’ed to challenge yourself to lose fat, add lead muscle, live fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.  #TeamJAQed

Jacqueline Sobotka Team JAQed
Brandon Sobotka Speaking

Who is Brandon Sobotka? Obviously, he’s my amaaaazing husband. Haha! But, he’s also a Brand Consultant, serial Entrepreneur and believed in a dream.

In all honesty, I never envisioned myself being a business owner and entrepreneur, but for 9 months straight he told me I could. I finally gave in, left my day job, and we Co-Founded the Lady Leader Lifestyle brand; my dream job.

With his passion for starting, streamlining, and scaling successful brands he’s lead the expansion of the Lady Leader Lifestyle product line including 9 digital fitness and nutrition programs and custom 3, 6 and 12 month fat loss lifestyle coaching.  Also coming soon are immersive live events, small group coaching, and active lifestyle apparel and “swag”.

Meet Coach Sarah!  Sarah is dedicated wife, motivated mom, Holistic Health Coach & Personal Trainer.

With a mission of helping people make life long positive changes in their lives, Sarah began her career as an Educator. Her passion for learning soon intersected with gut problems her Doctor’s & Dietician’s couldn’t find answers for.

As she explored solutions, she also found a growing passion for health and fitness. She became a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and took the leap into Figure Competitions; competing at the highest levels of Women’s Bodybuilding.

Determined to overcome her gut issues and hormones imbalances once and for all, she became a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). With over 15 years of experience, Sarah is now a Lady Leader Lifestyle Health Coach who specializes in Integrative Nutrition, Gut Health, & AutoImmune support.

Meet Ashlee Saligoe! In 2019, Ashlee started her Lady Leader journey as a Bikini client. She’s a young, ambitious professional with a completely unique hybrid role that blends her experience as an administrative and executive assistant with her growing skills as a marketing assistant, brand ambassador, and content creator all in one. Her drive and versatility set her apart.

Her knack for details, talent for juggling multiple responsibilities, and unwavering support keep us focused on our vision instead of “stuck in the weeds”.  What we love most is Ashlee truly cares; she embodies a Lady Leader. She’s passionate about helping motivated moms & driven professional women reach their health & fitness goals.