Black Dress – Thank You

Hey Beautiful!

First, thank you for putting your trust in me and I’d like to honor you for being here.  So many people talk about lifestyle changes, yet very few jump on the opportunity to do so.  You though are different.  And I want to tell you I am inspired by you and I’m truly grateful you’re here.

Next, welcome to our Little Black Dress Project!!!  We have great things to share with you.  This group gives you access to THREE coaches, beginner to advanced healthy lifestyle tips, and consistent emotional support.  All to take your mind and body to the place where you can ROCK that dress on NYE! (Imagine how you’ll look when that ball drops)

Where To Start

Our Little Black Dress Project Private Facebook Group is where the action happens.  You’ll also receive direction and reminder e-mails for each step so please add us to your email white list.  This is IMPORTANT!  There will also be directions provided periodically in the group by myself and the coaches.

I highly recommend you go to the group, introduce yourself and begin getting a feel for it all.  Share your goals, your fears and begin connecting with other ladies just like you.  I can’t wait to help you and there will be plenty of time to interact once we start.

Just a reminder: if you miss anything, all you’ll need to do is to scan the feed within the group or check your email.  All videos and other content will be shared in only those two places.  If you have any trouble just ask in the group or email

This Is For You

The most common question I always receive is, “How do I get the most out of my investment?”

So, I put together a short intro video that shows you exactly what to do. Visit the group and watch it.  Don’t forget to read your emails as they pretty much walk you through the program too.  But most importantly, don’t ghost out…ask for help, send us your questions, cries for help or screams of frustration.

We are here for YOU.

I’m passionate about seeing you thrive as you build momentum, and I’m excited to help you along the way.

Thank you again for joining The Little Black Dress Project. We are so pleased to have you in our community!

Next Steps

  • Fill Out Our “What You Really Want” Welcome Survey to help us get to know you better.
  • Join The Little Black Dress Project Private Facebook Page
  • Check Your Email: You’ll Receive Directions and Updates Throughout to Guide You
  • Engage in the Group Consistently and Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable (We’re here to help you!)
  • Still Need Help: Email us at




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