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Join a fun and supportive women’s group, with THREE coaches, in an 8 Week Program to motivate and challenge you to feel unshakably confident, enjoy vibrant energy and strength and look your best for New Years.  Ladies Group!

8 Weeks of Motivation and Accountability to Help You

  • Look Great & Feel Confident
  • Boost Energy & De-Stress
  • Eat Without Depriving Yourself
  • Stay Consistent Even When You’re Busy
  • Know What To Do Next
  • Rock That Little Black Dress

Simple Truth:
You Are Beautiful

And this group wants to encourage you to…

… To connect with your inner beauty in a deeper, emotional way.
… To drive away every self-limiting belief and insecurity in a consistent and confident way.
… To turn goals and dreams into the reality you live every day.
… To make your hard work and discipline actually pay off.
… To rock that little black dress in a meaningful and utterly unmistakable way.

But, all too often, smart and beautiful women (like you) follow myths, complex plans, and extreme workouts that just don’t give us what we really need. (Don’t worry, it’s not your fault).

I Get It…You’re Ready To Reveal Your Inner Diva

And you’re tired of wasting precious time and energy
AND would just like to feel like your old self again (or feel like a new you)

Good Luck on your Journey

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Challenge Details

A Fun, Supportive Challenge to Filled With

  • Motivation from THREE Caring Coaches
  • Fitness and Nutrition Education for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Support From Other Women Doing It With You
  • Meal Plans, Recipes, Workout Schedules & More
  • Results Fast Q & A’s for Better Energy, Losing Fat & Feeling Great
  • 8 Weeks of Fun Begins in a Private Facebook Group & Other Tips to Rock Your Little Black Dress On NYE!

(And I Always Love to SURPRISE You with Special Bonuses Too.)

For 7 years as a Fitness Professional, Sponsored Athlete (Optimum Nutrition, Suits by Amy and Muscle Club Apparel) I’ve transformed women, helping them to be the Lady Leader of their life, by improving confidence, establishing lifestyle routines and giving them the actionable tools to build the mind, body and life of their dreams.

Coach Denea James is the Founder of DJ Fitness, an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Specialist and ACE Group Fitness Instructor who’s been helping women for 3 years. She quickly realized this was more than workout and scheduled eating, it was about a holistic lifestyle. Her passion lies in helping women find the best in themselves by integrating faith and fitness.

Coach Sarah Hunt is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach and doTerra Wellness Consultant. She holds Master’s Degree in Education Administration from Xavier University and loves how her passion for teaching fits right into the fitness industry. Now with 6 years of experience her passion still lies in helping women exceed their personal goals and learn a balanced life they love.

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Challenge Weekly Breakdown

Motivation Mondays

Start Your Week with:

  • A Meaningful Message
  • Brief Exercise Demos
  • Nutrition Direction

Training Tuesdays

Join Coach Denea

  • For LIVE Home Workouts
  • Workout Almost Anywhere
  • Recording Available after

Wisdom Wednesdays

Learn Success Secrets For:

  • Eating Your Way to Sexy
  • Staying Consistent
  • Loving Yourself

Thankful Thursdays

A Celebration of Progress:

  • Honor Your Wins
  • Share Mindset Shifts
  • Praise Others Success

Fun Fridays:

Enjoy Finishing Strong:

  • Accountability Checks
  • Focus on Your “Why”
  • Always have FUN

Sinless Saturdays

Join Coach Sarah For:

  • LIVE Cooking Lesson
  • Downloadable Recipes
  • Your Weekly Workout

Q & A Sundays

Join Your Coaches:

  • LIVE Q and A
  • Set Yourself Up For Success
  • Rest and Rejuvenate

My Promise To You

If determined women use The Little Black Dress Project Women’s Group Program, they will overcome the lack of motivation, fatigue, and dreaded holiday weight gain and finally rock a little black dress with a look and feeling of confidence.

Your Body is the Temple Everything in Your Life is Built Around

So let’s get it right. Together.